Fire at ROMS

Fire at the Future Royal Oak Middle School (Former Dondero High School Site)

Fire at the Future Royal Oak Middle School (Former Dondero High School Site)

October 31, 2006

A fire damaged the southwest area of the gymnasium Dondero High School Site, early this morning. The fire was extinguished before major structural damage occurred. However, the structural integrity of the gymnasium will be assessed prior to further renovation of that part of the building. Additionally, the miscellaneous furniture and school equipment stored in the gymnasium was destroyed or smoke damaged. The Royal Oak Fire Department and the Royal Oak Police Department started an arson investigation, as evidence implicates that the fire may have been set intentionally.

The fire at the Dondero site raises a major concern about its impact on the renovation of the building and the opening of Royal Oak Middle School. (ROMS). Because the fire was contained to a portion of the gymnasium, there was no damage to the remainder of the building. Although the fire is a great concern, it will not halt the scheduled completion of the ROMS project. After the assessment of the damage is completed, the scope of the renovation project will also include the repair and restoration of the gymnasium

In conclusion, increased security is being explored and considered at the building site. The contractors are continuing work as scheduled...the ROMS is still "on target" to open to staff and students in the fall of 2007.

A photo from the fire:

Melted clock on the east wall - It seems to capture the essence of our loss. -Dr. Moline

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