Emergency Notification System

It is important to be able to quickly notify parents and other concerned adults of District or school-wide emergencies. 

A District-wide Emergency Notification System (School Messenger) is being used in the School District of the City of Royal Oak.  

This telephone/text and email broadcast system, will notify parents/guardians of District or school-wide emergency situations such as snow days, school closures, unexpected transportation issues, etc.

The Emergency Notification System quickly and efficiently notifies parents with pointed and targeted messages via telephone and/or email contacts.  It will be important that all Student Information forms are updated for accurate telephone and email contact information. 

The Emergency Notification System will not be utilized for routine or regular communication.  The contact information will not be shared or disclosed. Schools and classrooms will continue to communicate with families in other typical ways (phone calls, email, etc.).

Parents:  To update your contact information, please use the Parent Connect system, or contact the main office or your school.


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