Board of Education - June 10, 2010 - Meeting Highlights

Next Meeting - Thursday, June 24, at 7:00 p.m.


JUNE 10, 2010 Board of Education

Discussion & Regular Meeting Highlights


1.     Discussion Meeting was devoted to Special Education Restructuring

2.     Best of Royal Oak

            Addams Elementary - Social Studies Team

            Upton Elementary - Upton ROCKS

Royal Oak High School - Yearbook Award

3.      Curriculum/Instruction Update

            Summer School will be offered at all levels - High School Credit Recovery, Middle School Writing and Math Clinics, Elementary School FastForward "Train Your Brain" and SuccessMaker "Boost Your Skills". Applications are available on the District website

4.      Economic/Budget/Audit Update

Adoption of the 2010-11 Budget. Final budget amendments will be adopted at the next Board Meeting.

5.      Superintendent's Comments

Congratulations to the 395 graduates of the Royal Oak High School Class of 2010.

Announcement of the recent death of Dr. Ed Meade, retired school psychologist.

Action Alert! Do Not Raid the School Aid Fund information is on the home page of the District website, Parents and Community Members are urged to contact their legislators.

6.      Personnel/Instruction/Business

Resolutions of Recognition for 56 Retiring Teaching Staff and 41 Retiring Support Staff.  (See listings below.)

Administrative Recognition

Retirement of Carol Hansen after serving 15 years in the Royal Oak Schools as Elementary Principal and Executive Director, Student Services

Retirement of G. Anders Linell after serving more than 18 years in the Royal Oak Schools as Executive Director, Business Affairs and Executive Director, Business and Technology

Administrative Assignments for the 2010-11 school year. (See listing below.)

Approval of Executive Director Contracts

John Schwartz, Executive Director, Business and Personnel Services - Effective July 1, 2010 through August 31, 2011.

Cheryl Goodgine, Executive Director, Administrative Services - Effective July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2013.

            Extension Agreements           

            The Board approved Contract Extension Agreements with the Royal Oak Education Association and the Royal Oak Educational Support Association.

The next Board of Education Meeting will be Thursday, June 24, at 7:00 p.m.

The Board of Education Meetings are telecast on WOAK, the Royal Oak Schools Television Channel, Comcast Channel 54 or WOW Channel 15.

Videos of the meetings are also available for viewing on the District website,, under Community. Click on WOAK, Videos on Demand.

The complete Board of Education meeting minutes are located on the District website,, under School Board. The minutes are posted following approval at the next regular Board of Education meeting.

Retiring Teaching Staff:

Diane Alvin 33.8 years
Marian Angeli, 26 years
Dan Attan, 36.5 years
Chris Baer, 27 years
Karen Banat, 17.5 years
Gail Bennett, 38.8 years
Kathryn Brake, 16.5 years
Mary Brown 47 years
Carol Burke, 41 years
Trudie Connor, 38 years
Nancy Daman, 36.5 years
Nancy Dreyer, 24 years
Diane DuBois, 39 years
Rhys Dwelley, 35.5 years
Karen Festa, 25 years
Linda Flynn, 38 years
Linda Friedman, 37 years
Mary Fry, 33 years
Patricia Hein, 25 years
Georgetta Indreica, 39 years
Curt Jaworski, 24 years
Susan Jones, 34 years
Judith Kampsen, 35 years
Kathy Kapera, 32 years
Joanne Katanick-Canavan, 43 years
Bonnie Klems, 38 years
Susan Konop, 22.3 years
Dawn Mayers, 25 years
Donna McCatty, 21.8 years
Susan McFeely, 36 years
Susan McLaughlin 26 years
Hazel McNulty, 25 years
Stan Pikos, 35 years
Dorothy Popovich, 16.3 years
James Prentis, 37 years
Richard Rockwell, 32 years
Jacqueline Roman, 24 years
Verna Rose, 12.5 years
Susan Ruttenberg, 24 years
Patricia Salazar, 33 years
Peter Serenson, 36.5 years
Mary Siwajek, 18 years
Valerie Smith, 22 years
Michael Stinnett, 38 years
Mary Sutton, 17.3 years
Minda Tilchin, 18.8 years
Michael Tomlinson, 24 years
Alice Turett, 36 years
William Vandagriff, 38 years
Claudia Warren, 39 years
Charlotte Watts, 35 years
G. Monty Weathers, 18 years
Eileen Weber, 15.8 years
Ann Williams, 38 years
Deborah Williams, 22.8 years
Terry Wilner, 21.5 years

Retiring Support Staff:

Gary Aldrich, 30 years
Scott Anderson, 30 years
Gail Barger, 24 years
Gail Barnett, 21 years
Doug Boerkoel, 30 years
Edith Brown, 33 years
Alice Calvin, 23 years
Nancy Caruso, 22 years
Caroline Caughell, 25 years
Donna Danhausen, 33 years
Robert Dyjewski, 11 years
Gary Easton, 7 years
Sandra Fletcher, 13 years
Janet Flowers, 22 years
Sharon Forti, 21 years
Sally Gabler, 23 years
Marguerite Henderson, 23 years
Mary Hric, 30 years
Thomas Hric, 31 years
Bonnie Jacobs, 22 years
Frank Krajewski, 38 years
Pam Kurkowski, 23 years
David Lilly, 27 years
Paul Martz, 33 years
Mark McClue, 28 years
Norma Moore, 25 years
Joann Morse, 23 years
Kathleen Nasrey, 13 years
Ruth Parmentier, 31 years
Francis Renou, 28 years
Elizabeth Sage, 23 years
Dianne Schuchmann, 27 years
Diane Shornak, 18 years
Donna Simons, 15 years
Warren Smith, 25 years
Sylvia Sopata, 22 years
Robert Swantek 25 years
Marliss Wald, 20 years
Daniel Webster, 24 years
Julius Weekes, 10 years
Michael Williams, 18 years

Administrative Assignments for 2010-2011

Michael Greening          Principal - Royal Oak High School
Caroline Krynak            Assistant Principal - Royal Oak High School
Sam Lynch                  Assistant Principal - Royal Oak High School
TBD                           Assistant Principal/Athletic Dir. - Royal Oak High School

Cecilia Boyer               Principal - Royal Oak Middle School
John Grzywack            Assistant Principal - Royal Oak Middle School
Jason Parrott              Assistant Principal - Royal Oak Middle School

Judi Juneau                Principal - Addams Elementary
John Houghton            Principal - Keller Elementary
Angela Ashburn           Principal - Northwood Elementary
Dave Pontzious           Principal - Oakland Elementary
Zoe Marcus                Principal - Oak Ridge Elementary
Sharon Ivascu            Principal - Upton Elementary

Sarah Olson               Director of Instructional Services & Staff Development
Michelle DeJaeger        Director of Special Education
Patrick Wolynski          Director of Continuing Education

William White              Director, Transportation and Maintenance Operations
Art Watson                Director, Transportation and Custodial Operations