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Dear Families,


Get ready for some excitement in our classroom!  I look forward to working, learning, and sharing with our students and their parents/guardians.  Feel free to call me with any questions. 

Mr. Corridor with staff. I am on the right.Mr. Corridor with staff. I am on the right.



Royal Oak Middle School EI Program

Guidelines for Success!


Mr.Michael Corridor
AST Academic Support Teacher
Work # (248) 541-7100  ext. 2010


Dear Families,

This year we will build a support system within the classroom. The program that we envision will allow all students equal opportunities while having support throughout the day. I will contact each parent within the first two weeks of school, so we can work together to provide the best learning opportunities for your child.


In addition, each student will be placed on a goal card and be responsible for keeping points to earn daily and weekly privileges.


The following are some basic guidelines that we encourage each student to follow:


*  ATTENDENCE   - Please be in class everyday on time!

              Absent students: it is your responsibility to ask

                                    for missed work.


*  SUPPLIES   - Please bring the following to class daily:


                                    1.  Pen and Pencil

                                     2.  Paper or notebook

                                     3. Completed homework


*  HOMEWORK  -  Please have your homework ready at the beginning of the hour. The date, and first and
 last name must be on all papers.


*  GRADING -  All assignments are given a percentage grade.


*  RETESTS  -  Everyone is encouraged to retest for a better grade.  Please make plans with me in advance.


* CLASS RESPONSIBILITIES (These will be posted in the classroom)

 -  Always be prepared.

-  Respect others and school property.

-  Be responsible for your own actions.




Every other week, I will hold individual conferences with each student. At this time, I will sit and review their progress and current personal behavioral goals with them. I will review their goal cards with them and discuss their progress.  I will do my best to contact parents/guardians by phone and encourage parents to call as well. In addition, I would love to receive email and will respond rapidly. Our communication is very important and it is a group effort. Suggestions are welcomed and other reasonable options can be made available.


We have high, yet attainable, goals and expectations for all students. By working together I know we can create a partnership that spans beyond the walls of ROMS and create a crucial element in your child’s success! I am very excited about this year. I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S.  We are always here to help!!!





Basic Math Skills
Guidelines for Success!



                    Mr. Michael Corridor                    
               AST Academic Support Teacher               
            Work # (248) 541-7100  ext. 2010           



Transmath website      

This year we will be using TransMath® (click the link above for more info) as a student intervention to help build and reinforce key foundational skills to help students successfully enter into algebraic thinking.  TransMath® placement is based on students’ skill levels, not grade levels. Students are tested and placed into one of three entry points. Please see the next page for a breakdown of all the concepts that will be covered in this class using the TransMath® program.