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For additional Alumni information, please feel free to contact the school directly:
(248) 435-8500

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To request a copy of your Dondero or Kimball high school transcript, the requirements are:
Signed statement or release form (available in the Main Office at Royal Oak High School) with the following information:

  • School you attended or graduated from
  • Name at time of attendance or graduation
  • Year of attendance or graduation
  • Address to send transcript
  • Phone number where you can be reached in case of questions

Call 248-435-8500 ext.1097 for more information

Class Reunion Information: 

Royal Oak High Class of 1954
Dondero Class of 1960
Kimball Class of 1960
Kimball Class of 1962
Kimball & Dondero Class of 1962 (Major Work Room Group)
Kimball Class of 1965 & 1966
Dondero Class of 1969
Kimball Class of 1969
Kimball Class of 1970
Dondero Class of 1971
Kimball Class of 1972

Dondero Class of 1973
Kimball Class of 1975
Dondero Class of 1977
Dondero Class of 1979
Kimball Class of 1979
Dondero Class of 1980
Kimball Class of 1980
Dondero Class of 1983
Kimball Class of 1984
Dondero Class of 1986
Kimball Class of 1986
Kimball Class of 1987
Dondero Class of 1987
Kimball Class of 1988
Dondero Class of 1989
Kimball Class of 1989

Dondero Class of 1990
Kimball Class of 1994
Dondero Class of 1995
Kimball Class of 1995
Dondero Class of 1996
Dondero Class of 1997
Dondero Class of 1998
Dondero Class of 1999

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